• Profimax cleaning products are cheaper per unit price than the equivalent unit price of ready to use cleaning products.
  • The Profimax range of products have the same benefits of conventional super concentrated cleaning  solutions without the disadvantage of overdosing associated with conventional super concentrated cleaning solutions (usually this benefit  more than compensates for the somewhat higher purchase price for the Profimax range).
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Benefits for the Cleaning Company

  • Saves money

  • Very efficient and fast

  • Streak-free results

  • A lingering and pleasant fragrance left after use

  • No overdose

  • User friendly

  • Saves storage space

Benefits for the environment

  • Participant in zero waste campaign

  • Lower CO2 emissions

  • No plastic recycling and transportation required (reuse of plastic is better than recycling of plastic)

  • Lighter transport

  • Less transportation

  • > 90% less storage in volume terms