Yes, we are still recommending plastic trigger spray bottles.  Right now, there are not many other safe or cost -effective  options open  . However, our concept and our range of products give you the opportunity  to reduce massively plastic use in your life.

If you  do not have any empty 750 ml trigger bottles available right now, we offer 750ml trigger bottles can be refilled  continuously during their lifetime  using our range of   Colibri  concentrated cleaning solution   refill packs. Each  refill pack  contains enough concentrate cleaning solution in water soluble ecopods   to refill a trigger bottle at least twice , so you can just keep using these  water-soluble capsules to refill your bottle. With our system of cleaning  nothing goes to recycling or to landfills . Everything is reused . In this way  so you can massively reduce plastic use.

We are always  looking for ways to eliminate the use of single use plastic  and for  viable alternatives  to the use of plastic , that will be smash proof, sustainable and last a lifetime.