Our range of home cleaning products will help to keep all your surfaces looking spotless and smelling fresh. Our products are biodegradable, and include a mixture of plant-based and synthetic ingredients. We are continuously working towards increasing the sustainability of our products.


Continual Bottle reuse

Biodegradable ingredients

Small and light to store & transport

Frequently Asked

Yes, absolutely! All Profimax products have been tested against market leading ready-to-use products to ensure they can perform alongside the best. We firmly believe in quality without compromise.
Most ready-to-use cleaning products are more than 90% water. We’ve taken out the water to make it easy to reuse and refill your bottle over and over again. It also means they are small, light and easy to carry.
Absolutely! Just give it a good rinse, insert our ecopod, fill with tap water and voila! For best results, we recommend using a 750ml bottle, but the 500ml bottle will work just as well.
Although in theory many types of plastics are infinitely recyclable, in practice a very large proportion of recyclable plastics end up in landfill sites and our natural environment across the world. This happens because of a lack of recycling facilities, confusing recycling systems, contamination with other non-recyclable waste and several other reasons. Additionally, recycling requires additional energy and resources to break down and reform the plastic, unlike refilling and reusing. This means less plastic produced and less waste overall, vastly improving the carbon footprint of the plastic. Plus, even after your refillable bottle can’t be reused anymore, it can still be recycled.
We only choose ingredients that are readily biodegradable and from responsible manufacturers. We also, wherever possible, try our best to source ingredients as locally as possible to minimise transport emissions. Our products consist of a mixture of plant-based, natural and synthetic ingredients and we are continually working towards improving the sustainability of our ingredients. The safety of our products for the user and the environment is our number one priority and we will NEVER include any ingredients that are suspected or known to be carcinogenic, mutagenic, fatal or toxic if ingested/inhaled or may cause damage to organs or unborn children.